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Ecoist is an civil society organization that is devoted to solving issues of all aspects of sustainabiltiy, through introduction of innovative, creative and holistic approaches, involving public, private and civil sector for the most synergistic effect. Ecoist website serves as an informative base for people that want contribute and participate in the preservation of nature and environment. Philosophy behind ECOIST as a name we chose to reflect what we believe in is nicely and clearly put by Professor Dr. David Orr ''When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves''

With the assumption that, if you are already visiting a site that deals with environment, you are partly an Ecoist yourself. In that sense we didn't want to talk much about what you already know: how necessary it is to recycle, to use renewable energy resources, to use green transport and to be eco-friendy in general. That's why we want to support you with specific information on one question that is often neglected: HOW?

We will, in due time, try to write all necessary steps you need to know to achieve a certain ecoistic goal, from bulky administrative procedures, to  pros and cons of eco-techonolgies and eco-systems in practice. We will support all ideas, products and services that can improve the state of our environment and we will not support the ones that are destructive towards it.

Ecoist also believes that things in environmental field are developing slower then the actual market demand because of fundamental misunderstanding  that we are entering a new green era and that it will inevitably come. We also believe that in the long run, it makes absolute economical sense to practice sustainable development. Relativity in understanding of the problem comes from a different perspective: if you would like to find a solution for a very short period of time or you prefere to fundamentally solve the problem, spending less funds and less energy in the future.

We are guided by this principle and we do believe that every person has higher or lower level of Ecoism in themselves.  We believe that every person wants to improve the quality of their life and environment and that environmental field doesn't fall into a category of 'alternative' approach anymore, but has slipped into our everyday life and slowly will become mainstream. We also believe that technology and systems will highly improve so that when we look back in time, we will laugh at our (today's) primitve systems.

Ecoist's website design with dark colours is deliberate one, since the energy savings that are accomplished in comparison to bright coloured website are much higher. Influence of small things should never be neglected in global picture, since the little things are provokers, drivers and inspiration for big things.

Material from International GreenBuild Conference  (IGBC 2011) and student competition Urban Oasis :
- YouTube teaser videp
- YouTube wrap up video
- Overview of IGBC video @ IGBC
- Presentation of Marlon Kobacker @IGBC
- Presentation of Ivan Redi @IGBC
- Presentation of Maria Cristina Sorvillo @ IGBC
- Presenation of Hans Buster @ IGBC


Article about Ecoist project ,,Aarhus Convention in Serbia - Implementation in Practice : Toward the EU experience of Slovak Republic '' on site of Pontis Foundation.
During presentation and promotion of Ecoist on Supernatural Festival, we spoke to people from ,I want you to know' program from the Youth Office. You can watch the whole video on YouTube.

Special thanks to a great crew from I want you to know show!
Presentation of Ecoist activities on GreenGoPost from L.A. with an article 'Ecoist leads the charge for embedding sustainability throughout the Balkans'
Leon Kaye liked the interview  and decided to spread it a step further on TriplePundit  - the article is named 'Women Leading Green - Jelena Lucic of Serbia's Ecoist'
Thank you Leon for your support, 2nd time.

Ecoist being interviewed by Leon Kaye - article posted on a great blog GreenGoPost named 'Serbia's Future - Jelena Lucic of Ecoist '
Thank you Leon for your support!


In September during Global Car-Free Day, Ecoist was a guest at Studio B radio. During 40 minute session, Ecoist explained the concept of electric and hybrid cars, biofuel, dilemmas and the economy behind the green industry.
Thanking Studio B for support!

Ecoist was a guest on a radio show 'Supernatural' at B92 radio online.
Thank you Supernatural and B92 for your support!


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